Published here May 2013.

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Technology Management versus Project Management 
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Search for Basic Project Management Research

Under the heading Analyzing the Institutional Level and after introducing the concept of "Project Management Levels" (see Part 1 of this paper), authors Peter Morris and Joana Geraldi go on to observe:

"The remainder of this article explores the thesis that there is value in seeing the institutional level as a fruitful, powerful unit of analysis in project management practice and research. Our contention is that institutional issues are important in the long-term performance of projects, that there is benefit in recognizing them as a group, and that there are theories that apply at this level in ways that are distinctive and useful."[5]

That last sentence leapt out at us, prompting us to Email author Peter Morris[6] with the observation:

"I have no wish to deny that possibility. However, I have never seen anywhere where any 'theories' have been explicitly stated or advanced that are 'distinctive and useful', and that apply to project management at [Level 1]. Quite possibly I am mistaken and, if so, I would be most pleased to be directed to them. Otherwise, in the absence of such theories I fear that the whole house of cards is on shaky ground."[7]

In response, Peter sent us a list of some 18 examples of research advanced by various authors under a broad range of headings covering: Governance, Strategy, Innovation, Project learning, Commercial and Organizational. While we found this list most interesting and valuable, nevertheless we did not feel satisfied because it did not include any fundamental studies of project management itself, something that we have been searching for, for some time. This prompted a number of thoughts as described in our next section.

Introduction  Introduction

5. Ibid, p24
6. Dr. Peter Morris is a long-time and respected friend of ours
7. Message sent by Email, July 7, 2012
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