A review and commentary of a recent publication Directing Change, by the Association of Project Management, UK, 2004.

Note: US spelling has been adopted throughout.

Published here June, 2005.

Introduction | The Guide's Purpose | The Guide's Introduction
The Four Components of Project Management Governance | A Broader View

The Guide's Purpose

According to the guide its purpose is to:

"Influence directors and others to adopt excellent practices regarding the governance of program and project management activities. This involves aligning the interests of directors, program and project teams and wider stakeholders. Adherence to this guide will help boards of directors to:
  1. Assure themselves and others that robust governance requirements are applied across the projects managed in their organizations
  2. Optimize their portfolio of projects
  3. Avoid many common failures in project and program performance
  4. Motivate their staff, customers and suppliers on the basis of better communication
  5. Minimize risks to the organization arising from projects
  6. Maximize benefits to be realized from projects
  7. Assure the continued development of the organization."[4]

That is a very compelling list. We have numbered the bullets for reference later.

And the caveat to this section is:

"This document does not seek to:
  • Duplicate or replace existing guidance and standards on corporate governance
  • Provide guidance related to non-project areas of business
  • Provide guidance on project management methods, other than those directly related to the purposes of sound corporate governance
  • Provide guidance on detailed methods that can be used to manage individual projects or programs."[5]

And further that:

"This document's sub-title 'A guide to governance of project management' has been carefully chosen to distinguish it from other works concerning the governance of individual projects in the sense of their contractual and organizational arrangements."[6]

Well a guide is only a guide and not mandatory. Still, we echo those sentiments.

Introduction  Introduction

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