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As you see from the table on the previous page, Project Management (PM) is more than the successful management of a Single Project (SPM) and its associated Tools and Techniques (T&T). Rather, it is broken down into five distinct glossary levels. These therefore include Program Management (PgM), Project Portfolio Management (PPfM), and even Project Management Governance (PMGov).

For practical purposes, the Area of Project Management Application or, more particularly, the Industry/Product Sector, is broken down into four glossary product sectors. These are: Construction (C), Healthcare/Administration (H), Manufacturing (M) and Information Technology (T). In both cases, each of these has their own set of relevant terms and definitions. The rationale for arriving at these particular divisions will be described in a future paper.

Note that the placing of an individual definition and its description is not necessarily unique to one particular level or sector. That's because these resulting glossaries are intended to be useful for a variety of users. Consequently, many definitions appear in more than one glossary to make each more complete for the audience intended. Further, it has not escaped us that a "combo" glossary, such as project governance and portfolio management, may be more useful for those who are responsible for more than one domain.

We hope that these results are more user-friendly, and will be more useful and informative for their respective users.


We are indebted to the many people who have contributed to this glossary whether wittingly or unwittingly. In particular to Graham Wideman for creating the software capable of generating these Glossaries and to Penny Schneider for the web site art work.

R. Max Wideman

A New Goal for Our Glossary  A New Goal for Our Glossary

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