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Published here November 2020.

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Perhaps the best way to wrap up this review is by quoting author Bernie Trilling's concluding thoughts and feelings as follows:[12]

"At the time, I thought all it would take was a little adapting of the language and methods of project management[13] ... Little did I know the depth of the challenges involved (for both project management professionals and educators). That is in taking a highly developed business and technical language and a set of well-honed and deep project methodologies and translating them for education audiences. Especially, since such audiences rarely knew much about the project management profession, and had little, if any, exposure to project management methods in their entire education career!

Let us hope that this publication will be actively used to create the desired Bridge to 21st Century Learning.

R. Max Wideman
Fellow, PMI

P.S.  For those who would like to understand the concept better, there is an excellent example on line in a short video at: Although this material is now some four years old, nevertheless, it is highly recommended as an introduction to this field.

Downside  Downside

12. Ibid, p54
13. Ibid, i.e., to create The Bridge to 21st Century Learning
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