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Conclusive Update

So "bottom line", as they say, the following definitions were concluded:


Any one of the following main possibilities:

  1. A collection of projects selected and planned in a coordinated way so as to achieve a set of stated benefits, by influencing (often overlapping) initiatives, or by implementing an organizational strategy.
  2. A single, large or very complex project, or
  3. A set of otherwise unrelated projects bounded by a business cycle.

Program Management ("PgM")

The effective management of a program that may cover any or all of the following:

  • A collection of projects related to some common objective(s);
  • An organization's business strategy that is to be implemented through projects;
  • The interdependencies between a number of projects, and
  • Resource allocation amongst a collection of projects.


The governance and integrated management of a number of projects and their supporting activities:

  • To achieve targeted benefits and create value for the organization owning the program in the short term,
  • For the recipients of the intended benefits in the medium term, and
  • For the majority of the stakeholders in the long term.


According to Darya, "One very interesting thought that came bubbling up through the discussions [in my classes] is that people involved in programs don't want them to end, whereas a project that does not have an end is demotivating. Even people whose job depends on the project want it to end."

According to Max, "Nevertheless, I have been on large multi-year projects where some of the operatives do their level best to make their project last as long as possible because it represents a valuable source of income — just about to end!"

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