This paper is the fourth of a four-part series in which an attempt has been made to capture the collective wisdom of the leading participants in an extended LinkedIn discussion over the first six months of 2014. The actual original texts have been edited for grammar and spelling to make for easier reading online. The observations quoted are the opinions and property of the contributors as noted.

Published here November 2014.

PART 3 | Some of the Things that Contributors Said About Success
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The Meaning of the Term "Project Management"
The Meaning of "Program Management" | "Project Portfolio Management"

More Contributors' Thoughts on Project Success

Managing stakeholders' expectations is a key for the project to succeed and for the Project Manager to be successful.

— Leticia Ramos

Perception is reality. If there is a lingering feeling that the project was not a good decision, in time that will translate into the project being a failure. It is not always clear when a project is 'done'. But by definition, a project is finite so there must be an end date.

— Andrzej Wardaszka

Nobody gives you projects because you are a good project manager within the definition of PMBOK. They give you projects so that you can deliver the vision they see in their head.

— Jim Khong

Satisfied customers result when a project delivers a product that meets the needs of the customer and is useable. Schedule and cost components are important; you don't want to take forever and you don't want to break the bank, otherwise no one will be satisfied. But these components are less important to the overall determination of success if scope and customer satisfaction are achieved. Meeting schedule and cost goals enhances success, but not delivering on scope and not achieving customer satisfaction are much greater detractors to overall success than missing on schedule and cost goals

— Richard Stubbs

I define my success as meeting the expectations of my clients. The fact remains that if the project ends and the customer isn't happy, you still have a problem.

— David Hatch

Satisfying the clients is the prime goal of the project manager. The main question is who are those clients?

— Hanoch Ben-David

I consider three aspects for project success:
   • Business Benefits are Realized
   • Conditions Of Satisfaction is met as per Contract
   • Delivery Organization Benefits are Realized.

— Pallav Malhotra

Project owners do not pursue projects for the sake of the "project". Project owners pursue projects to gain benefits.

— Mounir Ajam

Project success is the compliance of what was agreed and signed by the stakeholders. At the very beginning of the project, the project success criteria should be defined, and refined through the project life cycle. The fulfillment of these criteria is project success.

— Dr. C. Colon Riollano

Some of the Things that Contributors Said About Success  Some of the Things that Contributors Said About Success

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