This paper is the second of a four-part series in which an attempt has been made to capture the collective wisdom of the leading participants in an extended LinkedIn discussion over the first six months of 2014. The actual original texts have been edited for grammar and spelling to make for easier reading online. The observations quoted are the opinions and property of the contributors as noted.

Published here September 2014.

PART 1 | Introduction | Stan Krupinski - Andrzej Wardaszka | Richard Stubbs
Brian Phillips | Max Wideman Introduces KPIs and KSIs | David Willcox | David Hatch
Larry Moore - Cliona O'Hanrahan | Mounir Ajam | PART 3

Mounir Ajam's[17] Collected Responses

@Cliona: The same comment applies in your scenario and I would add: Project Management — as an essential component of the business — is not only about delivery, it is also about realizing benefits for the project owner. So if you deliver a fantastic project that does not deliver benefits, it means you as a person (and project manager) did your job, but someone else failed in authorizing the project or setting the objectives, or accepted a flawed feasibility study.

@Larry: Reading your post, Yes — you are 100% correct — Cook has to deliver the animals live, and that will lead to delivering the product of the project successfully. So, what you said is correct — but only partially. Why? Because you focused on the project manager and the project deliverable but ignored the business context.

However, let's back up a bit and think about the business objective from the owner's (government) perspective. Then the objective is not only to deliver the animals, but for them to breed and sustain the colony. In other words, delivering the product of the project — a product that does not deliver benefit — is a failure from the project owner perspective!

In Part 3, the discussion turned to program structuring as the basis for project success.

Larry Moore - Cliona O'Hanrahan  Larry Moore - Cliona O'Hanrahan

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