Published here June, 2004.

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Book Structure

The book consists of eight chapters, each with a number of subsections, followed by eleven appendices. To provide a sense of content, the chapter headings are listed as follows:

  1. Introduction and Need for Risk Management
  2. Risk Management Overview
  3. Some Risk Management Implementation Considerations
  4. Some Risk Planning Considerations
  5. Some Risk Identification Considerations
  6. Some Risk Analysis Considerations
  7. Some Risk Handling Considerations
  8. Some Risk Monitoring Considerations

Of these, chapters three and six are by far the largest, together occupying 75% of the chapter space indicating that the content of the book is concentrated on implementation and analysis considerations.

The Appendices are identified as follows:

  1. Comparison of Risk Management for Commercial and Defense Programs
  2. Current DoD Program Phases and Milestones
  3. Comparison of the Microeconomic Framework to Actual DoD Program Outcomes
  4. Changing the Definition of Risk — Why Risk It?
  5. Characteristics of the Cost-Performance Slice of the Technical Possibility Surface
  6. Program Structure Models
  7. Sample language for Including Risk management in an RFP and Evaluating It During Source Selection
  8. Some Characteristics and Limitations of Ordinal Scales in Risk Analyses
  9. Example Technical Risk Analysis
  10. Estimated Probability Values for Subjective Probability Statements
  11. Development of Ordinal Probability Scales from Cardinal Data

While the chapters occupy 77% of the book, the above appendices occupy a hefty 23%. Interestingly, we found the appendices most captivating, perhaps because they provide more detailed explanations, discussion and practical recommendations.

Introduction  Introduction

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