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Published here November 2002.

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Document Description Outlines

PRINCE2 includes descriptions of thirty-three standard management "products" that are invoked through the PRINCE2 methodology.[32] Many of these documents are standard fare, such as various plans and reports, for which it is most useful to have detailed listings of required contents. However, in addition to those mentioned earlier, certain unique documents are worthy of special mention in the context of managing projects successfully. For example:

Acceptance Criteria, defines in measurable terms what must be done for the final product to be acceptable to the customer and staff who will be affected.[33] This is either provided by program management, or is developed during the starting-up-a-project process. It seems to us that this is essential information often overlooked in many projects.

Configuration Item Record: Configuration management is defined as the discipline that gives management precise control over its assets (including the products of a project), covering planning, identification, control, [etc].[34] The configuration item record provides the required information about the status of each and every item and makes reference to the product breakdown structure, stage and team plans, relevant work packages, the quality log and change control.[35]

The Issue Log is the repository of a summary of all issues raised on the project that need to be brought to the attention of the project and that require an answer. Issues may range from a question or statement of concern, to an off-specification (e.g. a deficiency) to a request for scope change. Such issues may be raised by anyone associated by the project at any time.[36] In PRINCE2 the issue log is an essential part of controlling project stages by capturing all queries, problems and similar events in a consistent way before their proper disposition has been determined. Each item can then be followed up until the required action has been taken and the item cleared

Similar to the issue log, the Risk Log provides a repository for the identification of all project risks, their analysis, countermeasures and status.[37] PRINCE2 recognizes risk as a major component to be considered during the management of a project and is factored into all of the major processes. Project management must control and contain risks if it is to stand a chance of being successful.[38]

The Lessons Learned Log is a repository of any lessons learned, both good and bad, that cover management experiences or use of specialist products and tools, and so on that can be usefully applied to other projects. Captured during the project, these items provide the basis for writing up a formal lessons learned report at the end of the project.[39] We recognize this as an essential feature of the "Learning Organization".

With the exception of lessons learned, these documents are not discussed in the Guide.

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