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Published here July 2014

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Book Structure

The content of this book is set out in seven chapters as follows:



Setting Out
This chapter discusses the different options for setting up a communication function, strategic rather than tactical.



Developing the Strategy
With a communication function in place, this chapter emphasizes the importance of planning and thinking strategically before beginning to develop content and communicating.



Who are Our Stakeholders?
This chapter highlights the importance of, and approach to, identifying, prioritizing and engaging with stakeholders from a project perspective.



Creating Great Content
While often considered the "fun part", it is important that content delivers the objective of the strategy in a form appropriate to the stakeholder under consideration.



Selecting the Right Channel and Tactic
How something is said is as important as what is said, and must be appropriate to the content.



Creating Plans
Good communication relies on planning. A good communication strategy is nothing without a plan to deliver and a plan is of no value without a strategy to guide it. Time on planning is well spent.



Research and Evaluation
characterizes three project roles: input to formulate the strategy; monitoring of communication performance to verify achievement; and closeout research as a contribution to lessons learned.

Most chapters conclude with a brief summary of the chapter's content, and several chapters include brief "vignettes" as illustrations of the previous contents. The book is well illustrated with Figures, explanatory Tables and Templates. It concludes with a section on References and Further Reading, and has a total of just 175 pages. It does not include a Glossary of Terms.

Introduction  Introduction

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