Contributed by Mauro Maurovic, Australia, by Email 10/22/03.
Updated and edited for the web by R. Max Wideman.

Published here July, 2004.

Case Study #1: The Case of the Never Ending Scope Creep | Assignment Questions
Case Study #2: The Case of the Unidentified Risks | Assignment Questions

Case Study #1: Assignment Questions

You are a senior consultant with PM Right Track (PMRT), a competent project management consulting company. The CEO has called you in for advice. The information is brief, but this is all the information that he and the new finance manager are able to provide. The CEO's mandate to you is to:

  1. Report your assessment of the current project status.
  2. Compare your assessment with sound project management practices.
  3. Recommend steps to bring the project to a close.
  4. Recommend improvements to the XY Department's future project management practices.
  5. If a very similar project had to be done again, what attributes and/or skill sets would you recommend in selecting a project manager?
  6. What other advice might you give to the CEO?
Case Study #1: The Case of the Never Ending Scope Creep  Case Study #1

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