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Published here February 2017

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Book Structure

The content of this book is set out in twelve chapters as follows:

  1. Falling short of Expectations: How Executives Struggle to Deliver the Value from Their Capital Projects
  2. Why the Stage-Gate Process Is the Best Tool Executives Can Use to Get Mot Value for Their Capital Projects
  3. The Project Frame: Understand the Opportunity before Starting a Project
  4. The Critical Project Sponsor Role
  5. The Single Most Important Thing an Executive Can Do To Make Any Capital Project Succeed: Define Clear Objectives
  6. The Executive's Role In Building and Supporting High-Performing Teams
  7. Project Definition: The Fundamental Capital Project Concept Every Executive Must Understand
  8. It's Going to Cost How Much!?! A Guide to Help Executives Avoid Capital Cost Surprises
  9. Using A Project Steering Committee to Improve Executive Decision Making
  10. Risk Management: A Mechanism to Understand Project Risk and Decide What to Do
  11. Approve, Recycle, Cancel, or Hold: Making Good Stage Gate Decisions
  12. Executive Role, Executive Control: 12 Essential Rules

The book has a total of 212 pages that also contain a limited number of figures and tables. It also includes a Glossary of Terms relevant to the contents of the book. Apart from a tendency towards paragraphs that are overly long,[7] it is well written in a clear and simple style making it easy reading. For some, it may be too easy, but that should not be allowed to detract from the core message that is well summarized in his final chapter. In our view and experience, the book documents well established, realistic and sound advice.

Introduction  Introduction

7. Examples of overly long paragraphs can be found at pp6, 68, 78, 98-99 and 186
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