This article originally appeared in the January 2003 issue of The Rational Edge E-zine on-line magazine, copyright 2002-2003 IBM and Max Wideman.

The Rational Unified Process (RUP) is a rigorous software development process advocated by the Rational Software Corporation.

The downloadable PDF file of the paper on this site is the one prepared by the Rational Edge editorial staff with the special assistance of Ms Marlene Ellin.

Published here Published here July, 2003.

PART I | Recap | A Simplified Overview of Traditional Contracting
The Acquisition Process with RUP | A Progressive Acquisition Solution for Contracting
Two-Level Contracting | Progressive Acquisition and the RUP Lifecycle
The Contractual Perspective | Advantages for Both Parties | PART III

A Progressive Acquisition Solution for Contracting

For the acquisition process to be compatible with RUP -- and, more important, adhere to the spirit of RUP -- a new approach to contracting is required. Specifically, that would be an iterative, or "progressive," approach to the entire process.

The Activity Diagram shown in Figure 2 introduces a new key element into the acquisition process: multiple smaller contracts, each resulting in delivery of value to the acquirer, rather than one "big bang" contract (as Gilles Pitette might describe it).

Figure 2: Overview of a Progressive Acquisition Approach
Figure 2: Overview of a Progressive Acquisition Approach
The Acquisition Process with RUP  The Acquisition Process with RUP

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