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Published here July 2022

Editor's Note | Introduction | Benefits of Working on your Business Writing Skills 
Ways to Develop your Business Writing Skills
Business Writing Mistakes to Keep in Mind | In Summary

In Summary

At the end of the day, business writing is what you will do most of the time as a project manager. You'll need to communicate with your team, write reports, pitch ideas to managers and stakeholders, and otherwise write different emails and documents. Business writing is at the core of great corporate leadership, regardless of whether you work on a small remote project or on a large multi-department venture.

The mistake most people make when managing projects is that they rely on their charisma for leadership. This won't work most of the time and will lead to poor writing, which will look unprofessional and lead to lower trust in the project manager's abilities. Avoid coming off as a pretender and act like the professional that you really are.

Start developing your business writing skills and properly implementing them so that your projects and coworkers can benefit from your foresight.

Business Writing Mistakes to Keep in Mind  Business Writing Mistakes to Keep in Mind

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