An updated version of
a paper first published
in PM World Today, February 2008
©Randall L. Englund.
Published here June 2008.

Introduction | The Project Management Institute's Work | Definitions of Project Success
The Process of Project Management | Working Within Constraints
 Be Careful Making Decisions Under Pressure | The Project Manager's Garden

The Project Management Institute's Work

The Project Management Institute "PMI" ( has codified a disciplined body of knowledge, the basis of which is illustrated in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Project management illustrated as a mind map
Figure 1: Project management illustrated as a mind map

According to PMI, a project is defined as a temporary endeavor to deliver a unique product or service. It can be characterized by:

  • A unique desired result
  • A one-time process with specific time limits
  • An activity-based budget
  • Competition with other projects/activities for resources
  • Uncertainty about results and costs
***  Introduction

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