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Published here April 2022.

Introduction | The Importance of Time Management Strategies
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The Importance of Time Management Strategies

Poor time management not only makes your work more difficult, it also causes our stress levels to rise. 41% of over 1,049 Americans surveyed by Gallup feel that they don't have enough time to do as they wish and a similar percentage feel incredibly anxious about it.

Companies are also becoming more aware of the cost of poor time management, recognising that is a company-wide issue, not just a personal-productivity issue, one whose root causes are usually deeply embedded in corporate culture.

85% of people who identified themselves as being effective time managers said they received support with scheduling and allocating time, according to global consulting firm McKinsey.

So, if you want to avoid the stress and boost work performance and productivity, learning time management skills and training your team in the same skills makes a lot of sense.

There are many different effective time management strategies that you can learn and teach to your team. Here are the top 5 that will help you manage your time effectively while working on complex projects.

Introduction  Introduction

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