This unpublished paper was first written in February 1996 and has since been revised several times and is now updated for web presentation.

Note: The Project Management Institute, USA, has adopted the acronyms "PMI", "PMBOK", "PMP" as their registered marks.
Published here May 2003.

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What Projects are Not | General Observations on a Project Body of Knowledge
The Life Span of Projects
 | Elements of the Project Life Span

General Observations on a Project Body of Knowledge

It may not be intuitive, but a significant feature of projects is the fact that frequent and significant variations occur in the nature, content, depth of detail, need to be current, relevance, and availability of the body-of-knowledge material required. This tailored body of knowledge, what I like to call ProjBoK varies with:

  1. The generic nature or type of project
  2. The specific interest or industry group in which it falls
  3. The responsibility assigned to the one or more performing organizations and
  4. The phase, status, timing or position in the project's life span.

Thus, the demand on the contents of the relevant rBoK is in an almost constant state of flux. It is therefore incumbent upon the project manager to see to it that relevant and timely extractions are competently made from appropriate sources without information overload. This, too, is distinctly different from most if not all other corporate endeavors and activities, where the GMrBoK is well defined and relatively static.

What Projects are Not  What Projects are Not

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