This unpublished paper was first written in February 1996 and has since been revised several times and is now updated for web presentation.

Note: The Project Management Institute, USA, has adopted the acronyms "PMI", "PMBOK", "PMP" as their registered marks.
Published here June 2003.

PART 1 | Project Manager's Job | The Customer | What Does the Customer Do?
Corrective Action | Structure Considerations | PART 3

Corrective Action

The Practitioner now takes or directs the required corrective action(s). These directions may include any of: Revisions to the goals/aims; or to the resources; or to the path.

In summary, my hope is that the foregoing can be accepted as:

  1. Reasonably correct (or at least not incorrect)
  2. Fully defining (either by inclusion or by exclusion) and
  3. Sufficiently generic

to be useful in defining a general project management-related body of knowledge.

What Does the PMrBoK Customer Do?  What Does the PMrBoK Customer Do?

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