Copyright to Kim Tremblay, © 2012.
This article is a repeat of an article of the same name first published on December 13, 2011
Reprinted with permission. Published here May 2012

Editor's Note | Introduction | Mistake 1 - Not Getting the Information You Need Up Front
Mistake 2 - Estimating at the Wrong Level | Mistake 3 - Hanging on to Old Technology and Systems
Mistake 4 - Not Using Current Rates and Costs |
Mistake 5 - Failing to Get Supplier/Contractor Quotes | Mistake 6 - Not Dealing with Project Risk
Mistake 7 - Failing to Review Before, During and After | Conclusion


Anyone who has ever estimated a construction project knows the pitfalls - scope creep, schedule delays, tasks that gets stuck at 90%, unforeseen costs the possibilities are endless. The best run projects usually involve managers who have experienced all these pitfalls, and learned the hard way. To help you get into that group of successful project managers, we've highlighted seven common mistakes or problem areas that can affect your project's success if not managed well. And we've shared some of the ways that successful project managers have dealt with these problems.

Editor's Note  Editor's Note

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