This Guest paper was submitted for publication and is Copyright Harvey A. Levine © 2005.
It is based on material in his latest book: Project Portfolio Management, A Practical Guide to Selecting Projects, Managing Portfolios, and Maximizing Benefits, Jossey-Bass, July 2005.
Published here November 2005.

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Bridging the Gap Between Operations Management and Projects Management
The Traditional Organization 
Bridging the Gap Between Portfolio Planning and Portfolio Management
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Project Portfolio Management as a HUB | The Last Word

Project Portfolio Management as a HUB

Earlier, I introduced PPM as a bridge, between the Projects and Operations functions within an organization. I discussed communication issues and integration of knowledge. Exploring this concept further, we should view PPM as the nucleus of a system that brings projects and operations together. It is the core of an integrated collection of processes that represent both operations and projects functions. It is also the engine that drives the production of project deliverables to enhance the total health of the enterprise.

Building a bridge between these two functions will not do the job. A bridge acknowledges that a gap exists, and does little to eliminate the gap. A connection between these two entities is not enough. They must be brought together in unity. That is, distinct roles working in harmony, within a shared system, for a common cause.

PPM ties these distinct functions into an efficient business machine, one that increases the value and purpose of projects so as to contribute to the overall health and success of the enterprise. It does much more that bridge a gap. It eliminates the gap by bringing these diverse functions together.

The following graphic demonstrates how several business and projects processes can be linked via an enterprise-wide central PPM database and engine - the hub of a fully integrated PPM system.

Views of PPM as a Bridge and as a Hub
Views of PPM as a Bridge and as a Hub
The Project Portfolio Life Span  The Project Portfolio Life Span

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