Published here June 2003.

Introduction | Why are First Principles/Theories Needed? 
First Principles vs. Theories | What Subjects Should Theory Cover? 
Interpretation and Reflections | Metaphysical Issues | Overall Conclusions

Overall Conclusions

The reading of the "First Principles of Project Management" paper was extraordinarily stimulating. The subject area that we have treated had been approached from another angle. However, after digging away the superficially different layers, much of a common core could be unearthed. A number of ideas for extending our own theory emerged from the paper. We may disagree with some points in the paper, and propose alternative approaches or conceptualizations for many other points, but we do agree with Wideman on the significance of project management theories and/or principles.

We appreciate the opportunity to offer our perspective and make these comments.

***  Metaphysical Issues

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