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Published here July 2007.

Introduction | Reality Check | Pros and Cons of the PMI Standard 
A Vital Omission | A Broader View of PPM Processes | Key Points
Next Steps - Finalizing the Processes

Next Steps - Finalizing the Processes

By January 2007, the processes were ready for piloting. In late April, we sent an invitation to review a generalized "exposure draft" to registered members of the KEY-9 community. After consolidation of feedback from pilot and from community members, a final version of the processes will be made available on

Closing Statement

We agree with a statement by the Canadian project management expert Max Wideman from 2005: "It is evident that much work still needs to be done before project portfolio management can be categorized as a complete and solidly based function."[11] But every step towards that end, such as the Project Portfolio Governance Guidelines issued by the Association of Project Management, is a step in the right direction."[12] Also PMI's Standard for Portfolio Management is a step towards that end, and we are confident that this will also be the case for the PPM process model introduced in this article.

Key Points  Key Points

11. See
12. R. Max Wideman: Project Portfolio Governance Guidelines (But are they complete?) - A review and commentary of a recent publication "Directing Change", by the Association of Project Management, UK, 2004, Vancouver, Canada, 6/2005, P. 8. The document can be accessed from (site accessed February 21, 2007)
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