The following Guest article was initially published at and and is republished here with permission, © Stacy Goff, 2007.
Published here August 2008.

Introduction | Background and PM Methods Experience | What is a PM Methodology? 
Moving Target or Consistent Characteristics? | Consistent Characteristics in Detail
Is Methods Benefit Realization Important? | Conclusions | Appendix A

Appendix A: Effective Sponsorship Responsibilities

An Effective Sponsor:

  • Establishes and maintain the project vision
  • Funds the project or negotiate for funding
  • Produces or signs off on the Project Charter
  • Approves and communicate the business case
  • Assures the project meets business needs, at startup, throughout, and at closure
  • Represents the project to your Enterprise Executives, keeping them informed and in support of the project effort
  • Defines the Project Manager's authority
  • Empowers the Project Manager and Team
  • Assures availability of the right Resources, with the right competences, the right amount of time, especially from the project's Customers
  • Serves as project spokesperson for all communication outside the Team
  • Eliminates roadblocks outside the control of the Project Manager and Core Team
  • Ramrods or speeds approvals (develop a sense of urgency-by-example)
  • Arbitrates disputes, when needed
  • Provides significant rewards for the Project Team
Conclusions  Conclusions

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