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The original version of this paper was published in the Imperial Engineer, Issue #15, Autumn 2011, pp18-19
Published here January 2013.

Introduction | Analysis - Understanding What Was Happening and Measuring Improvement 
Addressing Weaknesses | Implementing and Embedding the Change | And Finally

And Finally

The achievement of Level 3 on the P3M3 maturity scale was simply the end of the first phase. A target of achieving P3M3 Level 4 has now been set. This will be done through significant investment in Project Management Systems, focusing on people development, further involving users in improvement through Special Interest Groups and Communities and generating efficiencies through measurement of processes.

In a sense, the first phase was the easy part with the "mechanical" development of a new methodology and then its determined implementation. Building a culture of spontaneous user involvement through the use of lessons learned, knowledge management and communities, is the next - much harder - challenge. Figure 2 shows a snapshot of the London underground at Finsbury Park station.

London Underground station, UK
London Underground station, UK

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Implementing and Embedding the Change  Implementing and Embedding the Change

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