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Gregory S. Downing[1] has over 20 years of experience in management, leadership, training, and business ownership. He served 12 years as the general manager of four Chevrolet and Dodge Chrysler dealerships, managing over 130 employees and increasing production and sales without sacrificing quality and customer service. Since then Gregory has dedicated his life to teaching his students that every family can truly control its financial future and build wealth and prosperity for themselves and for their families. His principles of legacy parenting, business promotion, entrepreneurship, and real estate investing go beyond the ordinary. To learn more, visit[2]

Editor's Note

We have selected this paper because we believe that it holds some good advice for the next generation of project management practitioners. It's a whole new world out there. What we learned as youngsters and were led to expect in terms of employment and consequent family life is no longer valid. Indeed, our parents might have been dismayed by some of the advice being offered by author Gregory Downing. Like it's okay to borrow money to make money (that is, make something of value), even if it is not okay to borrow money to spend it.

But as Gregory observes:

"The New American Dream:

When half of college graduates can't find jobs, and those of us who do have jobs can barely pay the bills, the system is clearly broken. So, the only solution is to shift to a whole new way of thinking about work and wealth. Here are 15 surprisingly simple laws that can help anyone become a successful entrepreneur."[3]

Well, project managers are essentially "entrepreneurs"[4] are they not?

So, if you have your life before you, is it not true that you want to create a rich, full life that is truly worth living? If so, that is what many independent project management practitioners are finding themselves now doing.


1. Gregory Downing is author of Entrepreneur Unleashed: Wealth to Stand the Test of Time (Legacy Unleashed Press, 2012, ISBN: 978-1-938047-06-0, $29.95
2. Or for more information or an interview with Gregory Downing, please contact Dottie DeHart, DeHart & Company Public Relations, at (828) 325-4966
3. This and the subsequent text was received by Email on 8/17/12 from
4. Organizer or promoter of an enterprise
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