Reproduced with permission from The Revay Report Volume 28 Number 1 published by Revay & Associates Ltd © August 2009. Published here January, 2010.

PART 1 | Introduction to Part 2 | Pricing Uncertainty | Communications
Construction Scheduling and Schedule Updating | Project Performance Monitoring
Efficient Dispute Resolution  | Down Time | The Road Ahead | Conclusion

The Road Ahead

At this juncture, Revay urges you to take the opportunity to take stock and make any necessary course corrections in the way you do business. In particular, the recession presents an opportunity to prune from your ranks the individuals who have habitually made mistakes, those pre-occupied with winning prestige for themselves at a project's expense, the disaffected and those disinclined to help others succeed. By doing so, contractors may be able to regain the trust of owners, many of whom were short changed during the boom.

Now is the time for all participants in the construction process to seize the occasion and inform and educate themselves on all the available technologies, best practices and innovations to improve the overall performance of the construction process.

Down Time  Down Time

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