This paper was originally published on March 12, 2007, on the gantthead web site and is reproduced here by permission. It is copyright to gantthead and Michael R. Wood, ©2007. Published here November 2007.

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Aligned Metrics Promote Healthier Organizations

Using a top-down approach (organization/stakeholder needs driven) as opposed to more traditional silo compartmentalized approaches to developing performance goals and metrics for IT yields very different results.

As metrics are defined at the individual level, they reflect the person's role with the organization and do not revolve around their job description. People begin to view their success in terms of how they interact and deliver value cross-functionally. A sense of stewardship and ownership of the outcomes tends to develop. This in turn improves self-accountability making the employee more functional and adding to the overall health of the organization.

This is a far cry from how staff views most performance metrics initiatives. So often, staff sees metrics as obtrusive, make work/management-pacifying endeavors that lack any real connection to how they deliver value to the organization.

Perceptions Count - Big Time  Perceptions Count - Big Time

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