This paper was first published in CrossTalk, The Journal of Defense Software Engineering, Vol. 20 No. 8, August 2007. It is copyright to Capt. Steven Lucks and CrossTalk, ©2007.
ublished here February 2008.

Introduction | Problems and Issues | Practical Technical Challenges
Security Issues | Building a System That Would Work for Iraq
U.S. Government Makes IRMS the Standard | Summary


Building the data center system involved many obstacles, some of which hopefully are not faced during the development of most systems. These included:

  • Addressing the requirements of others that would want to access this system in addition to our own requirements
  • Danger of attack on those developing the system
  • Cultural adversity of men and women working together
  • Limited skills with commercial off the shelf software used
  • Electrical inconsistencies, and
  • Other extreme working conditions.

These were overcome with relationship management, statesmanship, diplomacy, trust building, technical training, security, dedication, and sheer perseverance.

The IT effort in Iraq was an Iraqi and American team effort that has benefited contractors, the coalition, and Iraq and has helped facilitate positive development throughout that country.

U.S. Government Makes IRMS the Standard  U.S. Government Makes IRMS the Standard

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