This Guest paper was submitted for publication and is Copyright to Alan Harpham, 2005.
Published here March 2006.

Introduction | Effective Project Management
Good Practice, Not Necessarily Best
The Need: Highly Educated and Experienced Project Managers

The Need: Highly Educated and Experienced Project Managers

Personally, I am also very keen that we should develop experienced, skilled and gifted project managers to lead our more complex projects. This will require a lot more than just people capable of passing practitioner exams. It will require highly educated professional project managers who have learnt to develop and hone their skills through experience. Many higher education institutes are focusing on Masters degree level courses, and the APM Group has worked with the Chartered Management Institute to do just this with their Diploma in program and project management.

Of course I also agree with Max that we need continual improvement and therefore the codified way of doing projects in organizations needs to be reviewed and improved in the light of experience. So on balance it should be called "Good Practice" and we should leave Best Practice to the favored few who can afford to experiment.

Finally, I suggest we leave the Holy Grail out of it altogether!

Good Practice, Not Necessarily Best  Good Practice, Not Necessarily Best

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