This Guest paper was submitted for publication April 25, 2022.
It is copyright to Richard S. Hawkes.
Published here July 2022

Introduction | High Performing Teams 
Break Free of the Swirl | Essential Conversations | Summary


The Swirl is an absorbing state of organizational inertia. There is always another problem to solve, pain point to acknowledge, issue to fix, turf battle to win, drama to ameliorate, or political challenge to overcome. And in the midst of it all, we lose track of the future," asserts Hawkes.

Thus this book, Navigate the Swirl, provides the tools leaders need to break free of the Swirl — whether their organization is facing good news, like a new market opportunity, or bad news, like increased competitive pressures. It lays out a roadmap for wielding influence in the complex, adaptive social systems of today's organizations.

Further information may be obtained from:

Andrea J. Stein
Director of Publicity, or
Jane Wesman Public Relations
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Essential Conversations  Essential Conversations

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