This Guest paper was submitted for publication and is copyright to E. Riis & P. Eskerod, © 2009
published February 2010

Introduction | Method | Case Description and Findings
Perceived Value | Discussion | Sustaining Value


Data collection started with desk research about the internal organization of the case corporation and its record in project management. All relevant company documentation was reviewed, including defined project management practices and procedures; human resource development policies with respect to project management, and key data on strategically significant projects during the last ten years. Finally, one completed project file was analyzed in detail to understand actual project management practices, assess the evidence of compliance with set policies and processes, and to check on the results of both regarding project performance.

Against this background, ten in-depth interviews were conducted with senior management, project sponsors, head of project managers, project managers, and a human resource representative. A survey aimed at project managers was accomplished. Finally, the research team participated as observers in one project status meeting. All interviews were recorded and transcribed. Afterwards, meta-matrices were developed for comparisons across the informants. Findings from the interviews were compared with data from the survey and other collected data.

Introduction  Introduction

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