This Guest paper was submitted for publication October 13, 2021.
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Published here November 2021

Introduction |Take a Breath, Think Forward, Consider Priorities 
Gut Decision, Strings Attached, Don't Look Back, No Pressure | The Takeaway

Gut Decision, Strings Attached, Don't Look Back, No Pressure

4.  Informed Gut Decision
You should always try to obtain as much information as possible before making a big decision, but sometimes it really comes down to going with what feels right. However, if you find that you are trying to talk yourself into something, or if you are trying way too hard to shut that little voice inside of you up who keeps talking you out of it, you may want to pass altogether.

5.  Strings Attached (Watch Out!)
Remember that there is no such thing in life as a free lunch. Any offer, no matter how good it sounds, will have some strings attached. Make sure you fully understand all of the terms, conditions, and ramifications of any decision you make, or you might find that the gold you are reaching for is really your gilded cage.

6.  Don't Look Back. Don't Forget
In physics, for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. This is just as true when it comes to stressful decision making. The strong impulsive urge to decide is often followed by an equal amount of buyer's remorse after the decision is made. Instead of putting yourself through the ringer, simply accept your decision and move on. Always keep looking forward, not back. A lot of times a decision that we regret will turn out to have unexpected benefits and turn out to be not so bad after all. If it really was a mistake, don't beat yourself up. It's okay to keep going as long as you don't make the same mistake again.

7.  No Pressure
There is one factor that should be a red flag when making a decision - it is "pressure". Never let yourself be talked into doing something if you are unsure. Listen to the sales pitch and weigh the pros and cons, but don't let yourself be conned by a pro. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't, and pressure is a clear indication that the best decision is to walk away.

Take a Breath, Think Forward, Consider Priorities  Take a Breath, Think Forward, Consider Priorities

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