Published here March 2007.

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Original Text: Application of PRINCE2 to Average Projects: 1[24]

It is true that PRINCE2 says that for small projects the two processes of Starting up a Project (SU) and Initiating a Project (IP) can be combined.[25] But in our view, for the majority of average projects, all of this could be consolidated into just two major documents. First is the Business Case, prepared by a business analyst or someone with similar skills, approval of which would authorize the necessary more detailed planning work. Second is the Project Brief (also known by others as Project Charter), approval of which would authorize the project manager to start production work.

Colin Bentley:

PRINCE2 is not written just for average projects. It needs to cover all sizes. What documents do you want to get rid of? Project Quality Plan? The Risk Log? The project organization team structure? Don't you think that a Communication Plan should be agreed? How many projects begin by the Project Manager being given a complete Business Case and/or a Project Brief? Very few, in my experience. PRINCE2 attempts to say that you need to get to a given point before you are ready to ask 'do we have a project?' I don't think that any of the 16 documents that you mention are unnecessary. Remember, PRINCE2 calls them documents, but it is up to the individual project to decide (a) if it is needed (b) whether it needs to be written down.

Max Wideman:

This is a question of philosophy. The very fact that supporting Business Cases and Project Briefs may be few and far between suggests the need for "Little steps for little people"! I'll explain more in response to your last issue.

OT: Availability of Resources  OT: Availability of Resources

25. Ibid, p49
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