Published here September 2003. 

Abstract | Introduction | Change Management and Project Management 
Sources of Authority | Managers, Champions and Agents
Practical Lessons Learned | Summary


This paper discussed the need for recognizing that project management and change management are inseparable, and identifies the major players in the change management regime. Change management is about championing the project and ensuring that the project is understood accepted and embraced by the stakeholder community. Well-managed projects do not involve a separate change management team, or separate change management activities per se. Well-managed projects ensure that change management is an integral part of the project management process.

Change management then, is not a mere adjunct activity to the project, or a phase within the project. It is an activity that starts with the project and ends with the project. Just as breathing is to living, change management is to project management.

Practical Lessons Learned  Practical Lessons Learned

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