Adapted from a paper produced for asapm's PM Cert program, © 2003 by Dr. Lewis Ireland, Clarksville, TN.
Published here June 2007.

Introduction | The Beneficiaries of Project Management Certification
Organizations and Customers | Professional Societies and the Project Management Community
The Public | The Certifying Organization
Value of Knowledge-Based versus Competence-Based Certification | Summary

The Public

Project management growth in design and implementation continues to advance when efforts such as certification are established. Hence, certification also benefits the public because they receive greater value through products and services when project management is properly designed and implemented in the working environment.

The public continually expects improvements in products and services. Project management has the capability to support such advances by delivering faster, better, and less expensive products and services. But this is only achieved when individuals and organizations work together to design and apply effective project management systems and implement them in a consistent and efficient manner.

Thus, four of the value items that project management certification can deliver to the public are:

  • Less expensive products and services
  • A better grade of products and services
  • Confidence that certified individuals will perform in a consistent and ethical manner
  • Advances in project management knowledge and systems, including processes and practices, can lead to improved delivery of products and services

The scope of project management cuts across the traditional bureaucratic management "stove pipes" to deliver results faster. This is only possible if pursued in a professional manner the consequence of standard and ethical practices engendered by certification. The potential saving to the public is massive, with the consequent release of capital available to deliver benefits to many.

Professional Societies and the Project Management Community  Professional Societies and the Project Management Community

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