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Published here November 2008.

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Greta Blash, MA, PMP has extensive experience as an executive and consulting IT professional. Her areas of experience include project management, software product management, information system implementation, with emphasis in the areas of system implementations and conversions, customer relationship management (CRM), data warehouse/business intelligence (DW/BI), and data management. She has developed customized life cycle methodologies for major international organizations as well as training courses in the areas of project management, requirements analysis and data management. She is currently a Senior Instructor for International Institute for Learning (IIL) and resides in Las Vegas.

R. Max Wideman, P.Eng, FEIC, FICE, FPMI is a retired engineer and professional project manager with experience in systems, software, social and environmental projects, including project claims, audits and reviews. Max was President of the Project Management Institute (PMI) in 1987 and Chairman in 1988. He also founded the PMI Canadian West Coast BC Chapter in 1979. Max's latest book is A Management Framework for Project, Program & Portfolio Integration. He is best known for this web site,, where you will find comprehensive knowledge and wisdom on all aspects of project management.


Project Management (PM) has been widely recognized in the fields of construction, engineering and aerospace for years. Recently, the skills required of project managers have been recognized in other fields, notably Business and Information Technology (IT). As a result of the recognition, the need for qualified project managers has greatly increased. Moreover, project management is becoming a popular new career path, complete with recognized certifications and opening up new opportunities for aspiring and seasoned project managers.

Management within a functional organization is dependent upon success at various levels on the career level, but, at some level, the job becomes purely "management." As recognized by Microsoft Services, many project management professionals prefer to be able to advance within the "profession" rather than having to move into a pure management role. Working very closely with a project sponsor at a very high executive level will often help prepare a project manager to move into the executive management role. On the other hand, it may help convince the project manager that the demands and pressures of the project are preferable to that of the boardroom.


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