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The Importance of Team Work | Best Strategies for Managing Projects  
Some Specific Gaps | Popular Methodologies | Conclusion

3. Some Specific Gaps

There are several execution gaps that you need to be wary of. These include:

  • The absence of common understanding that is required to make sure that all operations are underway as per plan and that neither time nor resources are wasted while they are being executed. Thus all resources are utilized in their optimized manner, yielding the best results.
  • Disengaged leaders who are not managing their teams as per requirement or slacking off on their duties to make their teams perform well. This might include symptoms such as pretending to do work while not doing any actual work. An leader who fails to monitor their teams' performance or unable to keep a strict check on their daily actions can cost heavy losses.
  • Misaligned strategic goals are those that are either poorly defined or incapable of offering the correct pathway to follow to reach a particular milestone. If strategic goals are not according to the direction, which the leadership wants to follow, then they may lead the entire team astray and ultimately lose their objectives.
  • And finally, lackluster leadership. It is important to realize that leadership plays a vital role in directing a workforce and offering them a vision and a mission statement. They need to inspire and be invigorating so that subordinates look up to them and feel motivated to work for them. If a leadership lacks the skills and the charisma required to attract the attention of the workers, then hardly anyone would take them seriously.
  • Selecting the Right Methodology. Several project management methodologies can help you define workflow and facilitate your daily operations. Each offers a unique approach; however, all of them have one aim, and that is to make sure that results are delivered so that targets can be achieved on project completion.[9]
Best Strategies for Managing Projects  Best Strategies for Managing Projects

9. See
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