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PapersProject Management Body of Knowledge Revisited, 2018.
This Paper is essentially a repeat of what I wrote over 30 years ago when PMI was "inventing" the "PMBOK" (1986-7). It sets out our project management expectations of those days. Read it in conjunction with this month's Musings - A Look Back - where I make the comparison with where we are today. 12/18

Musings — It is typically a valuable exercise to look back over the years to examine how you got to where you are today. So this month I Look Back at the Original PMBOK document and draw some comparisons between our project management expectations of over 30 years ago, and compare that with where we are today. Best to read this Musings in conjunction with our paper: PMBOK Revisited - December 2018

Project management tip of the month — See below for Max's latest thought.

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Guests — In Aspiring to Leadership by Guest Contributors, Project Managers who aspire to effective leadership are encouraged to get essential advice towards honing their persona.

Musings — In Accurate Forecasting of the Future, today's working environment was accurately forecast nearly half a century ago. If they could do it, then so can you today.


Issacons (Issues and Considerations) are sets of slides providing summary information for specific questions associated with particular PM topics. Designed to save hours of searching yet more detailed than a plain bulleted list.

PM Glossary (version 5.5) is a comparative glossary showing how common terms mean different things to different people. The revised version 6.1, sorted into different PM disciplines and industry sectors, is available for sale.

Papers & Books are thought-provoking and valuable insights into project management and include numerous book reviews. You will also find information about books that I have written or co-authored from time to time.

Max's Musings are brief thoughts on various project management topics.

Guest Articles contain articles on particular PM topics contributed to this site by a wide range of other authors.

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Other Areas and Interests

Project Management 101

Project Management 101 is a fun edutoon series on project management — things you should know but may have forgotten.

The Wideman Education Foundation ("WEF") is a registered Canadian charity. We run project competitions providing experience in basic project management skills for high school students and undergrads in Toronto and Vancouver. For more information, and how you can help, please contact me. Donations are invited (tax-exempt in Canada).

Management Framework for Project, Program and Portfolio Integration expands on my original well‑known book A Framework for Project and Program Management Integration published by the Project Management Institute.
Paperback $45 USD or Digital $7.99 USD

The Wideman Comparative Glossary of Project Management Terms: Access to version 5.5 is available free on this site. Version 6.1, greatly expanded and sorted for different PM disciplines and industry sectors are available for sale. Contact me for more information.

About Max is a brief biography outlining my professional career, some personal history, and even a little trivia about me.


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Project management tip of the month
The business benefit principle:
It's not about how much light a light bulb will produce, it's about how much more you can see when it is turned on.

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