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Modern Leadership With Innovative Project Managers
 Max Wideman presents a contribution by author Aisha West

Companies work hard to build a good culture and thereby strengthen their brand identity. The company's culture sets it apart from the crowd, and the way things are run in that company has a significant impact on the company's success. A good leader can inspire all employees, help them achieve their own and company goals, and create a positive work environment where only good results are acceptable.

Project managers deserve equal praise for their leadership skills. They are able to help their employees do their best at work. But sometimes they struggle with the complexity of things, and in this article, we will discuss what they should change about their leadership to make things go well.

Project managers and their leadership

By properly defining and organizing responsibilities, companies strive to find solutions that improve the business environment. By setting deadlines, a project manager can determine how much time each employee should spend on the project to find the best solutions. He or she can encourage others to give their best to the project and work together to succeed.

Hybrid project management

This term may be a bit more complicated, but hybrid project management uses two or more different project management methods to come up with a final method to achieve a project's goals.

An ideal hybrid project manager will make a good impact on your company since he/she:

  • Helps with budget and time plannin
  • Focuses on improvements
  • Respects the corporate culture
  • Keeps the team motivated
  • Has the most innovative outcome
  • Implements different approaches for the team
  • Gives teams enough space to solve challenges themselves
  • Creates a process roadmap
  • Reviews the project management process on a regular basis
  • Makes adjustments, if needed, to the project as it progresses.

But what should a project manager do when he/she faces challenges? They should:

  • Undertake in-depth planning
  • Have basic knowledge of the chosen approaches
  • Initially select only two project management methods, try them and only then apply others
  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of the methods chosen
  • Show a clear way how the process could end up
  • Have a plan B
  • Make a plan for further changes

So in general, project managers usually in hybrid work environments have to mix different approaches to the way they delegate tasks to employees in person or remotely. By checking for the pros and cons of both approaches and then deciding when and which tasks to delegate based on where employees are working.

Project manager and the team's relationship

Not only facing the challenge of workflow, but the project manager also has to manage people working in the office and remotely.

Some challenges associated with remote work are lack of time with colleagues, video fatigue, communication breakdowns and bottlenecks, and environmental distractions that can lead to mistakes in the work.

But if these steps are followed, the project manager should be able to perform to perfection and hence be preferred by the team because he/she:

  • Understands employees,
  • Establishes clear standards for remote work productivity, and
  • Identifies and provides the right tools they should use,
  • Communicates with them regularly, and
  • Creates a video or tip sheet with suggestions garnered from other remote workers.

Thus, the remote team project manager should know how to overcome such challenges and enable team members to succeed. Even for employers who do not work remotely, you should find the best working environment and work together with different strategies to achieve the established goals.

  • He/she should try to see the problems from the employees' point of view, not always from his/her point of view,
  • He/she should show that he/she is invested in the success of the team and appreciates their efforts.
  • A capable project manager should be able to define goals clearly, and
  • Each employee must understand his/her individual responsibility and role in the overall project.

How the environment can affect employee productivity and motivation

Physical and other factors in the workplace can affect employee motivation and morale because if the workplace is pleasant and fun, employees will naturally perform better and help the company achieve its goals. A project manager should take the factors mentioned below into consideration when looking for office space for rent in New York, Arizona, California, or any similar location where the team could work. That will help them to find an easy solution, because many locations like these, take care of the factors that affect employee productivity.

To create a perfect ambience for a team, a project manager should consider the following suggestions:

  • Check the ambient air quality
  • Get sufficient light
  • Turn up the music
  • Check and get the right temperature
  • Embrace the multi-screen


A project manager is one of the people who care about how things go on projects. He should find the best team to work with, should know how to separate and manage tasks, and how to budget and set deadlines. Most importantly, he should know what to offer to employees, to motivate them, encourage them and provide them with an optimal working environment. These aspects should be considered because productivity really depends on environmental factors. A hybrid project manager especially should take care of both the employees in the office and those who work remotely.

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