Published here October 2021


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How to Make Things Happen & How to Leave
10 Quick To-Do Lists for Each
Authors unknown

The following two separate lists have struck me as being very good advice. Of course you can buy whole books on both topics, but these are very concise summaries.

10 ways to make things happen

  1. Be clear about what you want.
  2. Explain why it is needed.
  3. Listen to any concerns from your team.
  4. Get the support of key influencers.
  5. Tell them what's at stake.
  6. Give a time frame.
  7. Keep on the case.
  8. Don't be too ambitious — set up short term goals …
  9. … Then build on them after they've been successful.
  10. Show your appreciation along the way.

Ten ways to leave your job gracefully — even if pushed!

  1. If you are instigating, tell your boss first, better he or she knows first hand
  2. Be prepared for a counter offer, and how you will respond. (If you accept, this only works once.)
  3. Either way, be prepared to talk it through.
  4. Never lash out in your resignation letter, you don't know who your future contacts might be.
  5. Work through the notice period to show good will, unless you have received instant dismissal.
  6. Write up your exit notes for your handover.
  7. Consider asking for an exit interview, in which you report a positive experience. The image you leave will follow you.
  8. Thank your colleagues, for the same reason as in 4 above.
  9. Enjoy your last few weeks, as a chance to finally catch up, but do not slack off. You need to leave a good impression.
  10. Stay in touch, to increase the size of your network.

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