Simple Work Breakdown Structure
for a Training Program

(Presented in outline format)

000 Project Management Training Program (Top summary level)

100  Teachers

200  Training content
210        Lesson Plans    

220        Workbook
221             Workbook Plan           
222             Workbook Production

300  Facilities             

400  Administration
410       Trainees            
420       Attendance       
430       Evaluation         
440       Incentives         


  1. In the above outline layout, the Work Package at the lowest level or end of each main branch is shown in blue
  2. Observe how all the elements of the work breakdown structure are represented by nouns
  3. Just click on the list boxes provided to see the activities required to deliver that particular work package
  4. Observe how every activity in the work package starts with a verb
  5. Observe also how the three-digit WBS coding corresponds to the number of levels in this WBS and identifies each element
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