Memorandum of Understanding


Model Agreement between
The Wideman Education Foundation (WEF) of Vancouver, BC
Wideman Ontario Competition (WOC)


This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) sets out the terms and understanding between WEF (Vancouver) and WOC (Toronto) for purposes of conducting a WEF style student competition in project management in Toronto.



WEF, launched in 2007, is an autonomous volunteer organization created to promote sound project management principles and skills, especially among young people. It is dedicated to attracting individuals into the project management profession and helping them develop the organizational and leadership skills they will need to succeed in today's job market. These essential, basic, practical skills include preparation, planning, teamwork, communication, and delivering presentations.

WEF is the owner of a successful competition model typically deployed annually in Vancouver. The essence of WEF competitions is to provide experience of practical project management, especially active teamwork and leadership that is otherwise difficult to provide in traditional classroom settings. However, it has been demonstrated that the WEF competition is a benefit in one way or another to all the stakeholders involved in the competition.

WOC members are similarly motivated to bring practical project management experience to undergraduates studying project management in formal classes in Ontario. Therefore, WOC has been formed for the purpose of conducting a similar competition as WEF describes.



This MoU will enable WOC to conduct in Toronto, Ontario a WEF style competition process as developed in Vancouver. The above goals will be accomplished by undertaking the following activities.

The WOC will:

1.    Require a dedicated program manager to manage the program.

2.    Handle the recruiting of competing student teams, each numbering between 3 (not less) and 5 (or 6 at the most) members, from University and College project management courses.

3.    Encourage course instructors/professors to support the teams from their respective classes.

4.    Encourage the teams to adopt their own projects and then carry them out using recognized project management tools and techniques such as planning, WBS, cost and time tracking, progress reporting and a final presentation on the day of the competition.

5.    Manage all the associated logistics and communications.

6.    Arrange facility space for the initial briefing of teams at program start, and then a location for the main competition assembly, as well as breakout and holding rooms for the actual competition.

7.    Recruit up to 9 experienced project management practitioners, including PMPs, to act as independent judges at the final competition. (An odd number is recommended to avoid tied decisions!)


The WOC may suggest teams choose projects that benefit local community.


To enable WOC to mount a competition in Toronto, Ontario as described above, the WEF will:

1.    Provide their latest copyright competition documentation.

2.    Provide WEF copyright permission to use these materials.

3.    Answer any questions arising during the run up to the final competition presentations.

4.    Arrange for someone local to attend the final competition presentations and awards, to confirm that the competition was held and adjudicated as intended according to the WEF information provided.

5.    Recognize WOC as a Patron on WEF’s website.